All is gonna be right~

Soulmates never die.
Something important, i guess

This is my new tumblr account if you want to keep checking my post or follow:

For you, anon<3

-(Tumblr ate your message when i answered it, idk what’s going on, sorry u-u)-

Hi, anon<3
Thanks for noticing it! But i’m not back at all t-t, i have some problems with this tumblr account. I can not use it from my laptop, i can only use it from my mobile. I’m moving on to a new tumblr account in a few days.

Well, i have a looot of fave blogs, so then i’m gonna put them below this post, ok?

(I can not copy their url bc of the problem with this tumblr account, but well;;_;;)



shot by Lucas Passmore